STEM “Weird Science” Super Saturday – July 16, 2022

For thousands of families, one of the fondest Cub Scout memories is the time they spent enjoying Cub Scout Summer Day Camp.  Meeting new people, experiencing new activities, and enjoying the simple pleasure of being in a fun, safe setting.

To meet the changing needs of our busy Cub Scout families, including needs brought on by COVID-19 safety, North Star District has designed an exciting and affordable one-day STEM “Weird Science” Super Saturday event for Saturday, July 16, 2020 at Wake Forest United Methodist Church in Wake Forest, NC.

Please note three super-important items about this Super Saturday event:

  • This is a one-day event.  No need to juggle a week’s schedule, or dodge baseball or soccer, or swim meets.  Each participant can complete EVERY activity in this one-day event!
  • Eligible participants (rising 1st to 5th grade) do NOT have to be registered Cub Scouts in order to sign up.  What a great way to bring new families into the Cub Scout world, so they can see the fun and excitement Scouting has to offer.  Have each of your Cubs invite a friend and double the fun!
  • The cost is only $20.