2023 District Pinewood Derby Results

The 2023 North Star District Pinewood Derby was held on Saturday, March 25 at Triangle Town Center mall with over 215 Lion, Tiger, Wolf and Bear Cub Scouts and Webelos participating. Over 200 cars were submitted for the Originality and Craftsmanship competitions and judging was a challenge well into the nighttime hours of March 24. There was even a 2-way tie in one category, so an additional judge was brought in to determine the final winner.

The Speed competition started at 10:30 AM Saturday morning and went along smoothly with emcee Jenny Goguen from Pack 500 keeping everything moving and all the Cubs/Webelos excited.  As Round 1 proceeded, it was clear that the speed races were going to be close and the winners would be separated by only a fraction of a second.  The fastest cars from each Division (Lion, Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelos and AOL) were advanced to the Grand Finals, their cumulative times reset to zero, and a nail-biting six more race heats took place to determine the Fastest Overall.

Thanks to all the Pack leaders, parents and Cub Scouts that participated, and especially the many volunteers that gave of their time to make the event possible, including (but not limited to):

  • Jenny Goguen, Committee Chair Emcee and
  • Scott Schnegelberger, PWD Committee Co-Chair/Race Official
  • David Harris, PWD Committee/Race Official
  • John Spinks, PWD Committee
  • Beverley Cash, PWD Committee
  • Michael Harrelson, PWD Committee
  • …and many others
Congratulations to all of our 2023 winners listed below.!  Each of these Scouts received a shiny trophy for their achievements, and a trophy was awarded to the Fastest Overall in the Speed competition.


Craftsmanship – Lion

1st PlaceJenny Johnson314
2nd PlaceJames Sherrer500
3rd Place(not awarded/not present)n/a

Craftsmanship – Tiger

1st PlaceGrayson Elliott515
2nd PlaceNathan Koval352
3rd Place(not awarded/not present)n/a

Craftsmanship – Wolf

1st PlaceWalter Sturmer352
2nd PlaceAnna Strickland236
3rd Place(not awarded/not present)n/a

Craftsmanship – Bear

1st PlaceLiam Berner352
2nd PlaceJaxon Creech515
3rd PlaceRobert Barker398

Craftsmanship – Webelos

1st PlaceJacob Redfearn365
2nd PlaceStone Miller399
3rd PlaceSimon Lieb347

Craftsmanship – Arrow of Light (AOL)

1st PlaceBlake Scott500
2nd PlaceJacob Medlock613
3rd PlaceAva Strickland236


Originality – Lion

1st PlaceWilliam Graham500
2nd PlaceCooper Rogers365
3rd PlaceBenjamin Argenzia141

Originality – Tiger

1st PlaceCody Cruz515
2nd PlaceEwan Barker398
3rd PlaceEvan Spencer347

Originality – Wolf

1st PlaceAnderson Flowers321
2nd PlaceEmelia Forman236
3rd PlaceSimon Walker347

Originality – Bear

1st PlaceWill Prescott347
2nd PlaceCole Spicher399
3rd PlaceHenry Tyler325

Originality – Webelos

1st PlaceMya Santiago236
2nd PlaceHenry Bennett318
3rd PlaceOliver Trammell399

Originality – Arrow of Light (AOL)

1st PlaceSelah Parker236
2nd PlaceMira Campbell350
3rd PlaceEmory Kasten613

Speed – Lion

PlacementNameSpeed (approx. mph)Time (sec)Pack#
1st PlaceLevi Van Houten201.5212.47611
2nd PlaceCooper Disclafani201.3812.485314
3rd PlaceAddison Vorndran200.2712.554318

Speed – Tiger

PlacementNameSpeed (approx. mph)Time (sec)Pack#
1st PlaceWilliam TUrner202.0612.443352
2nd PlaceJack Sattora201.1412.500515
3rd PlaceLuke Duncan200.4812.541500

Speed – Wolf

PlacementNameSpeed (approx. mph)Time (sec)Pack#
1st PlaceRyder Biggs202.3712.424318
2nd PlaceJonah Fleming200.2212.557141
3rd PlaceHarrison Hutchins200.1912.55928

Speed – Bear

PlacementNameSpeed (approx. mph)Time (sec)Pack#
1st PlaceMaddox Youker204.6712.284515
2nd PlaceBryce Hayden201.5412.475318
3rd PlaceEvan Powell201.2312.494500

Speed – Webelos

PlacementNameSpeed (approx. mph)Time (sec)Pack#
1st PlaceMichael Childers202.7612.400314
2nd PlaceEmory Nichols202.1212.439325
3rd PlaceJohn David Wilson201.9312.451399

Speed- Arrow of Light (AOL)

PlacementNameSpeed (approx. mph)Time (sec)Pack#
1st PlaceLinus Grifenhagen201.9812.448613
2nd PlaceBrayden Rochester200.6412.53111
3rd PlaceAllen Harrell200.5112.539365


OVERALL Speed – (87 competitors, 6 heats each, slowest heat dropped; fastest from each division advanced to Grand Finals for 6 final heats)

PlacementNameSpeed (approx. mph)Time (sec)Pack#
Fastest OverallMaddox Youker204.1712.314515